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We help students pursue academic excellence.

When it comes to making choices in education, students need sound advice. With Sage Academics, you can count on advice backed by decades of experience working with high schools, colleges and universities across the United States and internationally.

At Sage Academics, it is our mission to help students rise to their potential and realize their educational aspirations. We specialize in working with students and families from diverse cultural backgrounds, both in and outside the United States. From our tutoring, test prep and college counseling services to advice on secondary school admissions, we guide you through the vast and competitive field of education in the United States.

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March 21, 2015 | College College admission College and university College Tour

Sage Tips on Making the Most of Your College Visits

header By Samantha Daniels-Kolin For applicants who receive those much-awaited college acceptance letters, the next step is scheduling college campus visits for a second look. Often, a visit to the colleges on the short list is what can help students make the final choice about where to attend. According to Mary-Ann Sullivan, Consultant with Sage[...]
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Applying to a private high school? The first SSAT test of this fall happens to be on Oct. 18. If you are applying to private secondary schools, the SSAT may well be one of the important factors in your admission. You have more than one chance to improve your SSAT score.